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Birthday Parties FAQ's

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How long is an Empower and Elevate Party?

We have 3 different options available for the duration of time you would like games played at your party.

Bronze – 1 hour of activities

Silver – 1 hour 30 of activities

Gold - 2 hours with a break halfway for party food and cake

What is included in an Empower and Elevate Party?

All of our parties include the following as standard…

• Digital invitations (can be printed at home) styled in the theme/sport of your child’s party

• Party Coaches with full Enhanced DBS checks, who will deliver your child’s party with unparalleled enthusiasm and energy

• A medal for the birthday girl or boy

• Free discount vouchers for our Empower and Elevate Camp classes for all guests

Party Bags: In addition, we can supply party bags for each child in the theme of your party. These are charged at an additional cost.


Themed Decorations: In addition, we can supply party decorations in the theme of your party. These are charged at an additional cost.


How can I book an Empower and Elevate Party?

All of our Parties are available to book online via our booking page. Alternatively, you can complete our online form which will capture all of the details that we need to make your child’s day special. Once the form has been completed, our team will contact you within 48 hours to introduce themselves and discuss any additional requirements.


Which venue should I book for my child's party?

With all of the games we offer, we have the flexibility to deliver our games either indoors or outdoors. This allows for a dynamic party experience that adapts to the weather conditions; our coach is equipped to facilitate games in either setting upon arrival. We do highly recommend booking venues with sports halls to ensure maximum participation and minimise waiting times for the children.We also have the privilege of being able to book one of our exclusive venues BCA, Maidenhead or Strode’s College, Egham, if given advanced booking notice. Please note this is also subject to availability.


What if it rains and we have no indoor facility available?

We will always recommend having an indoor area for games should it be required. In the event of rain and no indoor facility available, we have contingency plans to adjust our activities accordingly, ensuring the children's enjoyment and safety remain our top priorities. We may opt for modified games that can be played under sheltered areas or provide alternative entertainment options that can be enjoyed indoors, ensuring the party remains memorable regardless of the weather conditions.

I have a mixture of boys and girls - will they all enjoy it and participate?

At Empower and Elevate we endeavour to ensure all our games and activities are designed to be inclusive for everyone. We adapt around the children in front of us, ensuring every child is having fun! Some of my children's friends are shy - will they enjoy it?Absolutely! Our parties are designed to cater to children of all personalities and comfort levels. Our experienced coaches create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where shy children can feel supported and encouraged to participate at their own pace. With a variety of activities and opportunities for social interaction, we strive to ensure that every child has a fun and enjoyable experience, regardless of their level of shyness.


Do Empower and Elevate provide prizes?

Empower and Elevate include medals as part of our standard pricing, recognising and celebrating each child's achievements during our activities. However, while party bags and additional prizes are not included in the base package, they can be provided at an additional cost upon request. We believe in offering customisable options to suit the preferences and budget of each family, ensuring a personalised and memorable experience for all participants.


Who will host my child's party?

You will receive a profile of your Party Coach, on the week of the event. They will also be in touch early to introduce themselves to you and discuss the event. All of party coaches have an enhanced DBS check and are either fully qualified coaches or qualified teachers.


How much space do I need for a Empower and Elevate Party?

If you are not using one of our venues, the space requirements can vary depending on the specific activities chosen and the number of participants. As a general guideline, we recommend having access to a moderately sized indoor or outdoor area, such as a sports hall, to accommodate the planned activities comfortably. For a more accurate assessment and tailored recommendations, please contact us directly to discuss your specific party requirements and venue options.


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